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Bike Fit

Bike Fitting Services

A dialed in Bike Fit is paramount.  Bicycles need to be fit and adjusted just like golf clubs, running shoes, backpacks, skis and tuxedos.  Our professional bike fitters have years of experience and training to assure the best position for your body on your bike.  Our fit services are available to all experience levels - recreational, mountain, road, triathlete or special needs - we aspire to connect to the community as a whole.  We have performed hundreds of fits over the years and are passionate about our process, fostering a successful and enjoyable ride on an existing or new bike.   

BIKE513 fit specialists are Certified by focusing on the foot/pedal interface with cycling shoes and pedals.  The foot/pedal interface is the only part of your body that is 'locked in' when utlizing cycling shoes and clipless pedals.  This interface is where the bike fit process begins.  The feet are 'locked in' and the foundation of the fit process.  Through 5 different adjustments we will align your legs so they track appropriately, providing greater comfort and more power so you can ride longer and stronger.

Below is an illustration of what we can help fix in our Advance Bike Fit process:

Leg Alignment Bike Fitting


Our Staff is Experienced and Educated

Our staff have been to several bicycle fit schools and seminars.
We have performed hundreds of fits over the years.

Our most recent education has been with:
 Michael Sylvester at Trek Fit School 
Chris Nurre of Fit Kit.
Paul Swift from

Professional Fitting Services:

Advance Body Fit - $300

Taking into account the whole person we adjust the bike to fit their needs and riding style.  We assess their past, present and future physiological factors along with their cycling goals and fitness-level.  We the combine that information with principals of bio-mechanics and alignment to construct a picture of the best position for them on their bike. 

During the Advance Body Fit service we will perform the following:

  • Essential interview about your goals, injuries, riding history and intended use for the bike
  • Range of motion assessment
  • Foot/Pedal interface assessment
  • Shoe & Cleat fore and aft position adjustment
  • Shoe & Cleat medial/laterial adjustment
  • Shoe & Cleat wedging adjustment
  • Shoe & Cleat float adjustment
  • Saddle sizing
  • Saddle height adjustment
  • Saddle fore and aft adjustment
  • Handlebar sizing & adjustments
  • Stem sizing & adjustments
  • Brake lever adjustments

Basic Sizing / Fit - $125

Our basic sizing / fit service determines what size bike you need.  Once we determine the bike size, we will adjust the stock components the bike comes with to the best possible position.  

During the Basic Sizing / Fit service we will perform the following:

  • Basic interview about your goals, injuries, riding history and intended use for the bike
  • Saddle height adjustment
  • Saddle fore and aft adjustment
  • Handlebar adjustments
  • Stem adjustments
  • Brake lever adjustments 

We may recommend changing a stock component.  If this happens our standard labor prices apply.

This service is FREE with all new bike purchases from BIKE513.

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Our commitment as bike fitters is to make sure you are in the best position possible to allow you
to ride in a pain free and efficient manner.  
Here is what a few customers had to say:


The bike fitting and changes are working very well. 2.5 hrs. with no knee pain – I’m sure in no small part to the subtle changes you made for me. I’m a fan and have recommended you to 2 different friends of mine. Hopefully, my wife will be making an appointment soon for same. Thanks again!

Tom Crutchfield

Ft. Mitchell, KY

I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it made.  After the adjustments you made I have gone on rides that were 2-3 times longer without the neck and back pain I was having before.  It is amazing what a difference it made to have my bike properly fit.  Even braking which is something I did not think needed adjusting is much easier after you adjusted the handlebars.  I am enjoying riding and feel much safer.  I can't thank you enough. 

Well worth the investment.
Geoff & Greg,
Wanted to let you both know that I road the Cannondale R-2000 for 48 plus miles today......the bike has never felt better !!
It's been 8~9 months since I rode any more than 12 miles.....The handlebars and overall fit was excellent !  Shifting is as smooth as silk !
Thanks again for getting the Road Bike back in shape so now it is a pleasure to ride it !!   :-)

I am VERY pleased with the changes! It is so much more comfortable. I think down the road I may want to consider a different seat, but I'd like to live with these changes for a while before making any more.

I will definitely recommend you to any cycling acquaintances I come across!

Schedule an Appointment or call 513-522-1551